What to Look for

Viruses are infectious agents containing their own genetic structures, protein structures and amino acid structures, which are the sub-sequences of these protein structures, and that are only visible with a microscope. The virus causing Covid-19 disease (Sars Cov-2) is also a RNA virus having its own genetic structure, protein and amino acid structures.

Sars Cov-2 reproduces rapidly as soon as it enters the body. In the meantime, it begins to create some metabolic and chemical changes start to occur in the body before clinical symptoms and lung findings are developed. Some of these changes can be followed by blood, urine and tests.

As the virus load in the body increases, the viral structures, metabolites of the viral structures and some substances formed arising from the problems indirectly caused by the virus also begin to be excreted from the body by urine. The excretion rate is directly related to the infectivity of the virus, the number of the virus infecting the individual, the strength of the individual’s immune system, the individual’s metabolism and his/her other diseases.

The reactant (MSK) available in the foaming test and specifically prepared in the laboratory reacts with both some substances belonging to the virus and metabolites of these substances and with some substances which are caused by the virus and should not be normally present in the urine, and the sample in the test tube will foam. The foaming rate increases in direct proportion to the viral load in the body. Less foam will be formed in people with lower viral load, and more foam will be formed in people with higher viral load.

As a result of the date obtained from laboratory studies in patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and in healthy individuals who have not had COVID-19, a color scale has been formed on the test tube. Foaming test results will be evaluated based on this color scale.

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