FOOD CITY Presented Their Our Stand at Prodexpo in Moscow

Prodexpo, the largest international exhibition in Moscow, is over. It was already the 23rd Prodexpo exhibition held in the capital. It is considered one of the iconic events in food industry.

In light of the import substitution trend, Russian producers seek to promote their products on the domestic market as much as possible. Today, this opportunity is given to farmers by the food center of FOOD CITY – its stand has become one of the most popular at the exhibition.

Almost 2 million tons of various products – it is the largest annual sales volume of FOOD CITY, the new major agricultural cluster. It has already been operating in Moscow for two years. It is now considered the main food platform of the country. Producers from 26 countries and 52 regions of Russia sell their products to wholesale and retail customers there. A special place on the site belongs to Kuban products.
“These products are very popular. They are best-sellers. That is why we offer this opportunity to other Kuban producers to help them reach the grocery market throughout Russia quickly,” said Sergey Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of Development of Food City.

Renting space in a warehouse is not the only way to enter the market. Farmers can sell their products directly “on wheels.” The cross-docking system is trade without using a warehouse. A producer can rent a space for a truck and sell products for a few days. There are other benefits for farmers as well.

“This is the only agricultural cluster in Moscow and the Moscow region, where sellers are exempt from trading fees. Another benefit is the simplicity of registering a point of sale. That is, you don’t have to collect piles of documents. Just come and choose a place,” said Leonid Borda Martinez, Senior Lease Expert of Food City.
Today, 5,000 Russian producers sell their products at the wholesale and retail food center. They have more than 100,000 customers. Major restaurants and cafes, as well as chain stores of the central part of the country, receive fresh products directly from suppliers.